Rate Limit 429 error message

1. As per the suggestion from UKHO, 2 Requests in 2 seconds to avoid the 429 error message in case if we exceed the rate limit. New Problem: If we add 2 seconds delay for every API hit, in this case we can successfully create an order without any issue But total time increased in creating an Order because we are calling GetHoldingAPI, SubmitOrder, GetOrder multiple times in case product types are multiple (AVCS,ADP, and ENP) in the same order. As a result, to create a single order system taking 50 seconds to 1 minute time, We are looking for solutions to minimize this time. Please share any possible solution for this. 2. Is the 2 Requests in 2 seconds limit only with training environment or live environment as well?


    Good Afternoon, Thank you for your query regarding the rate limit on the current B2B Service. We are currently looking at this issue in order to prevent such error messages being returned to you. We will get back to you very soon to confirm the outcome of our investigation to help you to successfully create your orders. Regards
    Posted by Hidden Wed, 24 Feb 2021 17:17:12 GMT

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